EUB Patch 1.02

This patch will be the last one with major balance changes. Unless it breaks something.
Then we’ll fix it. The goal is to make Easy (and some of Normal) more accessible by changing some of the more unusual patterns.
There are also some changes to some of the harder patterns on higher difficulties.


  • Tojiko’s first spellcard now has a more spread-out pattern on Easy Mode.
  • Stage 5 now spawns fewer web traps on Easy and Normal Modes. Yamame will drop extra life pieces to compensate for the missing webs.
  • Kisume’s final spellcard is now completely different on Easy and Normal Modes.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the final boss’ last two attacks, especially during Discord on higher difficulties.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some Extra Stage patterns.
  • Various other changes aimed at reducing the game’s difficulty.


Rin does fine damage if you’re not in the boss’s face. If you are in the boss’s face, however, she destroys things. We like shotgunning doing more damage, but not to the point of completely destroying certain patterns.

  • The more of Rin’s shots that are hitting an enemy, the less damage they do. This means that she does less damage to enemies that are close to her but more damage from farther away.
    • Far away DPS changed from ~220 to ~240, shotgun DPS changed from ~510 to ~430.
  • Rin’s Discord shot has been changed dramatically – it’s actually the same as normal Rin while in the boss’ face, but when you’re not she’s much more capable!
    • Far away DPS changed from ~240 to ~280, shotgun DPS changed from ~580 to ~430.
  • Note: this only affects focused shot damage. Unfocus damage has not changed inside or outside of Discord. Finally, these DPS numbers are based on 4.00 Power, and are approximate.


  • The life piece meter at the bottom left has a new effect for when you have 3 life pieces stored.
  • Spells with long animations at the beginning will start up faster during Spell Practice.
  • Some of the game’s music tracks have been updated.


  • Fixed a bug where the name order of some bosses would be wrong in Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug where the spellcard capture notification would appear late during some patterns.
  • Fixed a bug where fairies during Daiyousei’s first spell could shoot while dead during replays.
  • Fixed a bug where boss effects (lifebars, timers, etc) would disappear if you restarted the game during Stage 5.
  • Fixed a few bugs where some tracks would fail to loop properly.


Replays may occasionally desync. If you want to be absolutely sure that your gameplay is saved, record the game live if you can. We’re working to fix this; if you notice any things that cause desyncs, please let us know!

Version 1.01b has been moved to a separate branch. If you have replays from that version and still want to record them, use Steam’s Betas feature.
To access old branches, right-click on the game in your library, choose Properties, click on the Betas tab, and select the version from the drop-down menu.
To switch back to the current branch, set the branch to None.

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