EUB Patch 1.03

This patch has some relatively minor balance changes and bugfixes. We’ve also released a free demo on Steam! Be sure to tell your friends. Also, the Japanese translation has been finished! Special thanks to MSLabo102 for his hard work.


  • Some difficulty adjustments primarily aimed at Easy Mode, with some changes to higher difficulties as well.
  • Kunai during Kisume’s final spell on Easy and Normal can no longer be deleted by player bombs.
  • The timeout phase of Kisume’s Encore Spell now scales with difficulty. It’s still difficult, but not Lunatic-level on Easy.


  • It’s possible to view the cutscene at the beginning of Tokiko’s route again! An option will appear in the Options menu that will allow you to reset the Rinnosuke event. Please remember that you’ll need to view the cutscene again to use Spell Practice.
  • Shizuha’s first spellcard should have better performance.
  • The Japanese translation has now been fully-implemented.


  • Fixed a bug where Daiyousei exploded improperly on some difficulties.
  • Fixed a bug where Daiyousei would occasionally teleport offscreen during certain attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to use flashbombs during the Large Fairy spell in Spell Practice.
  • Fixed a bug where certain books during the extra stage were incorrectly dropping life pieces when marked with flashbombs.
  • Fixed a bug where Extra Stage spellcard replays would show incorrect difficulties in the replay menu.


Replays may occasionally desync. We think they work pretty consistently now, but as always, record your gameplay live if you want to be 100% sure it’s saved.

Version 1.02 has been moved to a separate branch. If you have replays from that version and still want to record them, use Steam’s Betas feature.
To access old branches, right-click on the game in your library, choose Properties, click on the Betas tab, and select the version from the drop-down menu.
To switch back to the current branch, set the branch to None.

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