EUB Patch 1.01b


  • Reduced the difficulty of the final boss’s third spell on Easy Mode.
  • Adjusted the pattern fired by the final boss’s third spell on all difficulties.


  • You may now only play through the Extra Stages with a player that you have unlocked.


  • Fixed a bug where the Stage 1 Boss’s second spell would crash on Easy outside of Discord.
  • Fixed a bug where the extra boss’s first theme would not play if using Tokiko with dialogue off.
  • Fixed a bug where special sound effects for Tokiko would play even with dialogue off.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Extra Stage background was using the wrong textures.
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking the Extra Stage boss’s unused theme would allow you to play it but not display the name.
  • Fixed a font error in the config causing kanji to be drawn to the screen sideways.
  • Fixed a bug where spellcard bonus notifications could appear early sometimes.
  • Adjusted line spacing on the replay save screen (English only).


  • Extra Stage replays might desync during the last attack. If you want to be extremely sure that your gameplay is saved, you might want to record the game while playing Extra. We are trying our best to fix this!
  • There are some spacing issues during Japanese endings. These will be fixed in a later patch.

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