Team Members

ExPorygon – Director, Lead Programmer, Graphic Designer, Musician

A veteran Danmakufu scripter, ExPorygon has been making Touhou Project fan boss fights since around 2012, almost immediately after becoming a fan of the popular Doujin series of shmups. After a stalled venture with the Mario/Touhou crossover game, Kingdom of Mushrooms, ExPorygon partnered with Sturmgeschuts to create a fully fledged Touhou fan game featuring overlooked characters.

Trickysticks – Assistant Programmer, Assistant Writer

Another veteran Danmakufu scripter and ExPorygon’s right-hand man, Trickysticks is mainly known for his well-designed scripts and for judging many programming contests within the community. When he’s not busy with his studies or rigorous regimen of harrassing Porygon, he’s helping out with the story, writing flavor text, and putting it all together by programming it into the game.