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EUB Patch 1.01

EUB released a bit over a week ago, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players about what they love about the game, as well as what they don’t like. We’ve been working this past week to fix many issues and better balance the game, and we’re proud to release version 1.01.


We’ve made a lot of balance changes to the game to lower the difficulty and make the player characters easier to use.



Rin should be able to handle stages well with her spread shots. She should still do acceptable damage to bosses. We’ve increased her ability to do both.

  • Massively increased unfocused shot damage. It’s painful now!
  • Changed her focused shot. She will do more damage to enemies directly in front of her at higher power levels, and her shots will spread less to the sides.


Kasen is the forward focus shot. She should do more damage than the others, but her spread being too narrow and her rocks firing infrequently made achieving this difficult.

  • Options are now further to her left/right, giving her wider range.
  • Fires rocks more frequently. DPS should be kept the same, but missing a rock is less of a damage loss.


We’re not going to change her a ton for now – instead we’re making her options go back to her earlier so she’s a bit harder to use. You’ll have to stay focused more to keep her options in place.

  • Tokiko’s options now snap back to her 33% faster (15 frames —> 10 frames).


More damage is more fun! Bombs will be better at destroying enemies.

  • Bombs do slightly more damage


The game has generally been made easier. If you thought that Easy Mode was way too hard, please feel free to give it another try!

  • Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic have all been made easier. The changes made are proportional to how low the difficulty is (Easy Mode is much easier, Lunatic has barely been touched).
  • Extra and Elite Extra have also been changed. Extra has been made quite a bit easier, while Elite Extra received minor changes.

There’s too many balance changes to list every individual thing, but here are some notable ones:

  • Bubble bullets have a significantly smaller hitbox. Large glowing bullets also have smaller hitboxes.
  • Changed the pattern of the lasers fired by the stage 2 midboss’s nonspell on Easy and Normal.
  • Significantly reduced the difficulty of the stage 2 boss’s first nonspell.
  • Significantly changed the patterns fired by the stage 3 midboss.
  • Significantly changed the pattern fired in the stage 4 boss’s second spell on Easy and Normal.
  • Significantly changed the pattern fired by the stage 6 boss during their first nonspell.


  • We’ve added a manual to the game! It goes into detail about how the game works and explains the Discord mechanic.
  • We’ve added a new option to turn off Discord’s screen inversion effect. Instead, you’ll get a circle around the player indicating that you’re in Discord. This should be very helpful for people who dislike the effect.
  • Added an unused version of the Extra boss theme. It can be listened to in the music room if you manage to hear the current version of the Extra boss theme.
  • The missing music room comments have been added to the game.


  • Fixed a bug where life pieces generated through Discord could be duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where Stage 4’s second midboss had the wrong spellcard name on certain difficulties.
  • Fixed a bug where Stage 6’s theme looped improperly.
  • Fixed a bug where spellcard histories would display improperly. They were always recorded properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Momiji’s first spellcard would not become more dangerous during Discord on Hard and Lunatic.
  • Fixed a bug where replays would break horribly during the Extra Stage.
  • Fixed a bug where the Extra Stage would error if played with Kasen in Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to bomb during Spell Practice.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed many visual bugs/issues.


  • Extra Stage replays might desync during the last attack. If you want to be extremely sure that your gameplay is saved, you might want to record the game while playing Extra. We are trying our best to fix this!
  • There are some spacing issues during Japanese endings. These will be fixed in a later patch.