Hello hello~ I just wanted to say good luck with your project~ I also have a question, you mentioned you were going to sell this, are you afraid controversy will happen? (Since you’re giving it away for free digitally and not physically)


I’m not sure what exactly you mean. Do you mean controversy over the fact that I’m selling it at all or the fact that it will also be available for free online?

For the former, I’d answer by saying that there are plenty, and I do mean PLENTY, of Touhou derivative works out there are sold for actual money. The key is to keep within ZUN’s guidelines for fanworks, and one of those requests that fans only sell their Touhou works via traditional Doujin channels, like in Doujin shops or at events like Comiket and Reitaisai. While TouhouCon is far from as established as those examples, I feel that it, as a Touhou specific event, is a suitable place for distribution.

Furthermore, I want to mention that this project was never intended to turn a profit. I conceived this idea years ago with my partner because we wanted to make our own grand contribution to the fandom. As the project grew, I realized that I could make it better than I had ever hoped. The sale is simply to allow me to recoup a little bit of the fairly significant investment I’ve made for the game, mostly in the form of commissioned game assets. In that way, I think I am like most Doujin creators out there in that they sell their works only to make up some of the costs, not to make any real profits. True Doujin works are done as a hobby, after all.

Finally, as to the latter point, I’m intending for the physical sale of the game to be a way for people who want to support me and get the game a little early to do so right at the convention. I fully intend to inform each potential buyer of the fact that a free digital copy will be available later if they want to wait. Moreover, I believe that ZUN’s official guidelines forbid the monetary selling of fanworks online but allows free distribution, as long as it is done on a personal site and not through a large third party distributor. This thread has a lot of good discussions on this topic and it is what I’m basing my information on.

Thanks for the question! I hope my answer was satisfactory.

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