Oh wow! Im glad im able to contact you! Its easier if you have a blog because i dont have a youtube account. Not only are you one of my favorite scripters, i think youre a pretty nice guy! ^^ Anyways, youre making Daiyousei the Stage 4 boss right? Theres this song I found I think would fit her stage! But it seems I cant put the link here, heres the name for you to search it: 桐生 – 雨の降る夜に I used google translate and It said The Rainy Nightfall. I hope im helpful! Have a nice day Ozzy! :3

Greetings!! Thanks so much for the compliments!

I looked up the song name you have and I’ve actually discovered it myself a few years back. I believe that a better translation of the name would be Tonight’s Rainfall, and I agree with you that it’s an absolutely beautiful piece. But I have already decided that I will not be arranging it for EUB.

Putting aside the fact that I have already chosen a piece to arrange for Stage 4, there are a few reasons why I am not considering Tonight’s Rainfall:

1. I don’t believe it fits for a stage. Plenty of people clearly disagree with me (I’ve read their comments) but I do firmly believe that the song better fits a boss fight, albeit one with a bit less tension than usual. My partner Trickysticks and I both have this opinion.

2. I don’t believe that it should be used during the stage if Daiyousei is not present in it. The song definitely fits my idea of Daiyousei’s character, but the association to her would be somewhat lost if it were used in the stage before her, rather than when she’s actually present. Instead the association would mostly likely fall to Cirno instead, as it usually happens with stage themes and their respective midbosses.

3. The song is not fitting for Daiyousei’s character in the context of EUB’s story, even if I were to use it as a boss theme. One of the common side effects of the power reversal, as it becomes clear in stage 4, is an altered personality. It tends to manifest more in individuals who have the most drastic changes in power, which is why it does not appear to be afflicting some characters like Momiji and Aya. As the dialogue makes clear, Daiyousei in particular has gone from a shy, playful, and mischievous fairy to a stern, antagonistic fairy general dedicated to a fairy uprising.

All that said, I DID once envision a game starring the characters of Team ⑨ where Daiyousei would be a stage 5 boss in her normal state. THAT is where I wanted to use this theme. It’s not likely that that game will happen anymore, but if I ever come up with a similar opportunity you can bet that I will be arranging Tonight’s Rainfall for it.

Thanks for the ask! It’s things like this that keep me motivated and moving at a steady pace on development. I had fun writing this response, feel free to ask more questions any time! I love to interact with fans!

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