I played the first stage of EUB and I felt the controls were a bit clunky. Not by much, as one can get use to it, I suppose. Anyway it has an amazing OST, but is Rin a human or a demon in this game? Also will there be any other player characters or just an exclusive one character damaku?


(So sorry this took so long to answer, I swear Tumblr didn’t notify me or something)

Define clunky please, if you can, since the controls are identical to any other Danmakufu developed game and should be the same as any typical main series Touhou title.

Rin Satsuki in this game is a Kirin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qilin) so not a human, but a youkai instead.

There will be two additional player characters. One additional player will be available with the upcoming 3 stage demo and the final one will be available with the release of the full game.

Thanks for the question

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